June 2012
If these were ever compiled into a book, Oh Bloody Hell would be the title. (it's not happening.)

The first book that I signed was at TCAF. I drew a random Sherlock face. I thought that was kinda not very exciting honestly, so for the consecutive books, I drew things that were more like one panel comics. I did that at conventions, I wasn't selling a lot of books, so it was manageable.

When I initially started selling the book online, I didn't sell that many copies either. It was still manageable to draw unique comics in every book.

And then.... I sold a lot of them. More than I ever expected. (Thanks, Reaperun!) I felt like I would be cheating people their money if I draw everything the same from then on, so I kept on doing my best so that every single one is different. I took it on as a challenge. The further I went the more amazing it got. It went from drawing the absolutely obvious things, to squeezing every bit of brain juice I have. It was quite the mental exercise. I was glad that I was able to complete it, thanks to everyone on Tumblr being very encouraging! So in the span of a month, I drew 175 of them. I was mentally exhausted, but it was very satisfying.